"Handmade in a van down by the river"

Creating one of the finest handcrafted guitars is hard to do, but something Mark Braley strives for on a daily basis. Since starting his company in 2012 Mark and Kinghat guitars have worked on hundreds of guitars. Learning the ins and outs they have taken there love for music and the industry and turned it into something special. Thus Kinghat guitars was born building some of the finest custom Guitars in Texarkana Ar.

The guitars are custom designed, built, and crafted right in his work shop at his home in the middle of Texarkana Ar. Using different techniques, woods, and styles, Mark has been able to create some very unique pieces that really express his love for the city and music. One of his most recent works, the Business Coupe "Scrappy Duex" really highlights where his guitars come from, using reclaimed or scrap wood, he took what others might see as junk and made something beautiful.

Everything is hand built and created from the ground up, none of them are the same. But the buck doesn't stop there, Kinghat also does repair work, and is Mic'd Musics most skilled Technician. With a special love for instruments Kinghat guitars has done a fantastic job of not only taking caring of the old but ushering in the new! Everyone needs a Kinghat guitar for there next gig, swing by the shop today and check out the "Scrappy Deux" or reach out to him on his facebook page to see about having him build your next guitar. 


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