Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Instrument Polish 20-pack

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Product Description

Restore Your Axe's Signature Shine

When you love an instrument, you play it. And when you play it, you leave fingerprints and other grime on its finish. But if you really love your trusty axe, you'll want it to look its best each time you take the stage. Wonder Wipes Instrument Polish, from Ernie Ball, make polishing your instrument a breeze. Each individually packaged wipe has a specially engineered formula that cuts through grime and removes fingerprints fast. Since they're safe on nitro and all other finishes, Wonder Wipes Instrument Polish gets the Sweetwater stamp of approval. So what are you waiting for? Free your finish from fingerprints and other gunk with Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Instrument Polish.

Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Instrument Polish Features:

  • Restores your finish to its original shine
  • Specially formulated polish cuts through gunk and lifts fingerprints fast
  • Individually packaged wipes can be stored in your guitar case without worrying about spills and leaks
  • Easy to use and dries fast

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